Technology in the Home
Thursday, 23rd of November 2017

Technology is evolving faster than ever before – and it’s not slowing down! We take our smartphones, smart watches and smart cars for granted, but technology advancement that is still generates a buzz is the smart home. We’re finally starting to see this concept find its way into more and more modern homes. And why not?! We’re all time poor and want more convenience in our lives (just look at the rise of UberEATS!) so controlling your home via technology makes sense. A smart home sounds complex and expensive, but does it have to be? These innovations are definitely worth considering if you want to introduce the smart factor to your home.


The Google Home has hit Australian shores. The device is a hands free virtual assistant. You can ask Google Home questions, play music, control your smart enabled devices, all with just your voice. Think about waking up first thing in the morning and simply having to ask what your calendar looks like for the day. Or getting home after a long day and wondering what time the local pizza place closes. Google Home is the answer and will act as the central hub for all of your smart home appliances.


Remember watching television and someone would clap to turn the lights off in their house and we’d all sigh with the wish that we could do that too? Well now, you can. Smart light globes allow you to control the lighting in your house with a smart phone app or your voice. You can even change the colour of the light with a simple command. This is a great way to kick off your smart home journey that isn’t going to break the bank.


Samsung have released their Family Hub fridge, which is WiFi enabled to allow you to manage your groceries via a touchscreen on the door. The next generation device has cameras inside, so you can see what’s inside from anywhere, at any time, all from your smartphone. Imagine having that feature while at your local supermarket! Although, with this fridge, you may never go to the supermarket again; you can order groceries directly from Woolworths at any time, right from the fridge either using the touchscreen or a voice command. The touchscreen also acts as a central activity hub for your family, where you can add your calendars, notes and to do lists.


These three innovations are just the start of the smart home journey that is infiltrating our everyday lives.