What to Look For in the Right Roommate
Wednesday, 6th of December 2017

Finding the right person to live with is a challenge for anyone. If you’re looking for a new roommate, whether it’s an existing friend or a potential new friend found on flatmates.com.au it’s a good idea to take the time to ensure you’re suited to living together. So, what should you look for in the right roommate?


Do your schedules match? Is one of you a shift worker? Does one work from home? Consider this when planning to move in together. It might be ideal to move in with a shift worker and be ships passing in the night; it’s almost like living alone! However, having opposite sleeping patterns creates its own potential problems.


How close are your personalities? This might seem like a simple one, but it is often overlooked. Are you a ‘worrier’ while they are more carefree? You might perfectly complement each other, or you may drive each other crazy!


Look for someone with the same housekeeping and decorating taste as you. By finding someone with similar traits to you, you’ll ensure that the house remains clean and in great condition, without you having to do all of the hard work with no help! Living with someone always involves a healthy amount of compromise, but by choosing someone with similar interior decorating style as you, you’ll avoid any disagreements and end up living in a home that you love.


Communication is key, so make sure you choose a roommate that you can have an open and honest relationship. Think about trying to set some communication ground rules at the very beginning, so both of you have the same expectations. And of course, make sure to choose someone with a stable financial situation so you can rest assured that they will always be up to date with their half of the rent.


Choosing the right roommate can seem like a daunting task, but spend the time to get to know each other at the very start and it will go a long way towards having a long, stress free and successful tenancy.