The True Secret to Living is Giving
Tuesday, 16th of January 2018

I recently travelled to Sydney to see Tony Robbins. The four day event, Unleash The Power Within was a great experience and I took away some amazing lessons that I’ve been able to implement in both my personal and professional life.


I wanted to share a little bit about my key takeaway from the event with you. Tony taught me that ‘the true secret to living is giving’. It is not what we get, but who we become and what we contribute that gives meaning to our lives. This lesson has been incredibly powerful for me.


Why did this simple lesson resonate so much with me? Well it’s easy to fall into the trap of concentrating only on what you want to achieve in life, rather than the person that you want to be. You can’t really achieve true fulfilment by simply getting ‘things’. I firmly believe that a true sense of achievement can only be reached by giving and helping others.


Now that I’ve taken this on board, I’ve been working to implement this way of thinking into my entire life. How am I doing this? On a professional level, I plan to continue helping my clients with a passion like nobody else. My goal has always been to help my clients achieve their investment and personal goals through PPM. One of the ways we do this is by providing a specialist property management service; this means that we are able to focus solely on offering professional advice, support and service that maximises the outcome for our clients. We love property management and we want to continue to focus on being the best property management company in Perth.


In additional to this, my husband and I have committed to giving our time, energy and resources to a cause bigger than ourselves. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be volunteering with the Smith Family to delivery Christmas cheer for the less fortunate. We are also finding other worthy causes to give to in the new year.


At the end of the day, we all have to decide what is important to each of us. I feel extremely lucky to be doing what I love most in life. We all have things in our life, no matter how small, that we can be grateful for. It is important to take time to acknowledge these gifts and celebrate the achievements along the way. Live life on your terms; do more, give more, be more, serve more and you will have the opportunity to feel true fulfilment. Whatever is important in your life, I hope you are achieving it!