Rental Agreements


Once we have identified a suitable tenant and you have agreed to lease the property, we work with the tenant to explain what is required. There are also important contractual forms and rental agreements to sign which are governed by the Western Australian Residential Tenancies Act. As part of our service we handle all this for you and make sure that everything complies fully with the rules and regulations.


What do we explain to the tenant when they move into the property?

We go through all of the most important expectations. For example, how they must pay their rent on time, where to pay their rent, what we do if they do not pay their rent. We discuss our repairs and maintenance policy, what happens in an emergency repair situation, how often inspections occur and what we look for.


We also supply them with two copies of the in-going inspection form, explain how they must check, sign and return one copy of the form within 7 days. We explain and get them to sign the Bond Lodgment Form.


We also hand to them a Consumer Affairs booklet that explains some of their tenancy rights and obligations. We must issue them with this booklet in accordance with legislative requirements.


What Forms do they sign?

We prepare a Tenancy Agreement covering the details of the tenancy, with terms and conditions.

We explain the main parts of the agreement to the tenant before we get them to sign it. We will then send you a copy of the tenancy agreement together with a copy of the ingoing inspection report, for your records.


When do they get keys and possession of the property?

After all the forms have been explained and signed, all bond monies and first payment of rent received we will then grant them the keys and possession of the property.

What’s next?

If you are ready to work with the company who have won "Residential Property Management Team of the Year", then contact us to get started!