Our Top 10 Tips to Make Moving Easier
Wednesday, 20th of December 2017

Moving is never fun, but with the right kind of preparation, it can be that much easier! Follow our top 10 tips next time you move.

  1. Make sure your first step is cleaning! While your agent will make sure your new home is clean, it’s always nice to give the place a quick once over yourself. You’ll make this much faster and easier if you do it before you start moving all of your furniture in.
  2. Be prepared! Go shopping prior to the big day and stock up on packing tape, old newspapers, bubble wrap and boxes. There is nothing worse than running out of the essentials halfway through the move!
  3. Pack an overnight bag with the essentials. Think sleepwear, toilet paper, tooth brush, and all those things that you’ll need after a long day of moving that might be lost in the never ending boxes!
  4. Take a photo of the back of your television, computer, or any other electronics to make it easier to remember how to plug all of the cords back in the right place.
  5. Save on bubble wrap and paper by using towels and clothes to pack breakables.
  6. Toiletries can always be risky to move – one bottle always leaks! Try opening each bottle, covering with glad wrap and then resealing. This should keep everything safe and dry.
  7. Make unpacking your wardrobe a breeze by leaving everything on the coat hangers. Simply put wrap a garbage bag around the bottom of your hanging clothes and tie at the top.
  8. Label everything! Label your boxes with not only the room it belongs too, but also what’s inside. Consider colour coding the boxes with different coloured pens or stickers to make them easier to identify on the move.
  9. Stay safe by packing your sharp knives in a jug or vase. Place the sharp end of the knife in the bottom of the vase, then cover in glad wrap.
  10. Use the opportunity to have a spring clean and donate any unwanted belongings to a charity. Moving is a great opportunity to donate to a worthy cause.

Whether it’s your first or 10th time moving, these tips are sure to make your move just that little bit easier!