Rental Market Assessment

  • Feel like you’re not charging the right amount for your rental property?
  • Need to forecast a rent rise in line with projected inflation & interest rates?
  • Want to accurately determine your rental property’s true market value?
  • Too often we hear of rental agencies setting rental amounts below market value and leaving property owners at risk of poor returns….

    So we’re here to help!

    Introducing Our Exclusive Rental Market Assessment

    We'd like to introduce you to our exclusive Rental Market Assessment (RMA) which is designed to provide a highly accurate rental market valuation which safeguards your investment and maximises your returns, whilst reducing your investment risk.

    The assessments are available for leased Residential and Commercial properties, provided free of charge by our award-winning team of leasing experts at Perth Property Management (PPM). RMAs are also presented with no obligations, as our aim is to provide you with the data to make logical, informed and strategic future decisions around your investment property.

    Discover your rental market value.

    Why do I need a Rental Market Assessment?

    • To accurately align your rent with its true market value.
    • To maximise your investment returns for your property.
    • To mitigate the risk of your mortgage outweighing your rental returns.
    • To keep ahead of projected market factors that could affect your profitability/bottom line.
    • To future-proof your investment property so you can hold onto it for many years to come.
What does a Rental Market Assessment look like?

Whilst our exclusive Rental Market Assessment (RMA) looks similar to standard rental appraisal assessments, the process of acquiring the data is different, and the data itself is more comprehensive.

Our assessments reference more intricate data points such as market, economic and social conditions, as well as specific historical and financial data. This enables us to accurately project future rent rises in line with inflation and interest rate projections, whilst benchmarking your weekly rental returns with your property’s exact market value. It is a refined process that helps safeguard your asset well into the future and beyond.


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How does the PPM Rental Market Assessment differ to standard rental appraisals?

The PPM Rental Market Assessment (RMA) is different from the standard rental appraisal you may commonly receive from other leasing agencies. We’ve developed a unique formula of data points to help property investors determine the local market value of their rental property with high levels of accuracy.


Our Rental Market Assessment factors in several data points, drawing upon data to help determine your rent in today’s market. This extends to market conditions, economic factors, social conditions and the property itself, with several other parameters helping us refine our research to provide an accurate weekly rental figure that aligns with the market value.


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