Preparing Your Property to Rent


What is the best way to get a property ready to rent?


The property should be presented in the best manner possible to attract the right tenant. We don’t want a bad first impression to detract the right tenant from renting your property.


Please see attached a cleaning guide to get your property ready.

Here are some dot points on things to do:


  • Have your mail redirected; please insure all mail is redirected to your new address
  • Utilities; Electricity, Gas, Phone etc. please ensure all accounts are advised and cancelled accordingly. The only service to remain in your name is the Water and Council rates but please direct it to your new address
  • Appliance Manuals; Please hand to your Property Manager or leave in the kitchen draw
  • Keys; Please ensure all locks have keys. Supply two full sets of keys (one for the office and one for the tenant)
  • Smoke Alarms and Residual Currency Devices (RCD’S); Ensure the property is compliant with the Building Regulations 2012, for further information please refer to; or speak with one of our staff members
  • Minimum security; Ensure the property meets the minimum security requirements as outlined in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989, for further information please speak with our staff